Why work with us?

As conventional agencies have added more and more staff, their ideas have often suffered. Layers of approval, internal miscommunication and multiple agendas can dilute great ideas to a point where the primary concern becomes ‘fitting in’, rather than standing out. We believe great brands aren’t meant to be wallflowers.

Rising Giants is a more efficient and focused machine. For a start, you’ll deal directly with the people who actually create your solution. We don’t believe in superfluous layers of gatekeepers, relaying of conversations, second-guessing and the like – that just leads to inefficiency. And after all, if we’re in the business of communication, let’s communicate.


Fewer people means more focus, more accountability,
fewer meetings, less paper shuffling and
(dare we say it) less on the invoice.

Facebook memeIf you used this Facebook meme to represent the advertising industry, Rising Giants’ approach would be found on the right-hand side (but we don’t rock a moustache like Freddie Mercury).