Who we are.

Well, we’re not really an ad agency, because most advertising agencies operate in one of two ways: they either specialise in one particular area (digital, direct marketing, retail etc), or they try and bring all those departments under one roof to offer a full‑service option. However, each of these has their faults.

With specialisation, any solution offered to you is going to be confined to that area of specialty (i.e. a digital agency is always going to say that the right solution for your business problem is a digital one). On the other hand, a full‑service agency has lots of different departments. And put simply, it’s impossible to be best‑in‑class at everything. Plus, if you have all those people sitting around, somebody has to pay for them (guess who).

So we’d like to offer you a different option with Rising Giants. We operate as a small team with a breadth of experience who deliver ideas to help drive your business forward. We’re not married to any pre‑determined media or outcome. We’re flexible, nimble, and accessible. And a strong network of reliable contacts and partners allow us to call on relevant specialty skills if required.

What we do.

Marketing & Brand Strategy
Independent Analysis (of you and your competition)
Creative Concepts & Execution across all mediums
(TV, radio, print, online, direct mail, outdoor, point-of-sale, and non-traditional communications).

Throughout our advertising careers, we’ve helped deliver highly‑effective, award‑winning marketing solutions for some of Australia’s biggest brands. We’ve worked in almost every medium, ranging from a simple shelf wobbler, to print ads, TV ads, radio ads, CRM strategies, mail packs, fully integrated campaigns, events, stunts, feature films and ‘left‑field’ business ideas.

So whatever your problem, let’s have a chat about finding you a solution. Great relationships come from open and honest conversations, and we believe that’s where great work comes from too.

At Rising Giants, we don’t really sell ‘services’.
Instead, we give you ‘solutions’ – the kind of solutions that add real value to your business.